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Fine. I gave in. Here are 25 Things About Me. If Facebook can suffer through it, so can you.

  1. I love coffee. I drink more coffee than anyone knows.
  2. I drive my dream car, a Mini Cooper S. It’s cute, fast and fun, and more affordable than most people seem to realize.
  3. I work out with free weights three times a week. A former co-worker who calls his muscle-bound arms the “pythons of death” used to call my arms the “blue runners of death.”
  4. I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can go caving again. I have never felt stronger and more dexterous than I do when scrambling over giant piles of rock.
  5. I always thought I’d have dogs, but I have two cats instead. They’re hilarious.
  6. I judge people based on how they treat animals.
  7. I’ve always had more male friends than female friends. I may be from Mars instead of Venus.
  8. My husband is the kind of guy I would be friends with. I’m pretty sure this is why we’re still married.
  9. I’ve been to England, France, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico.
  10. I have no children. This is neither an accident nor a tragedy. I’m cool with other people having kids though, and love my nieces and nephew.
  11. Hurricane Katrina flooded a third of my house. It’s barely worth mentioning compared to the damage other people had. That said, rising water and high winds still give me a little punch in the gut.
  12. I’m still pissed off about what happened to the people of New Orleans.
  13. Since childhood, I’ve had a recurring dream in which I had to walk across a yard while avoiding snakes of every type and size every few feet. That dream has been replaced by one in which water is rising in my back yard and I’m trying to move things higher in the house.
  14. I’ve never told anyone about No. 13.
  15. I had a casual smoking habit for about six years in high school and college. Nasty habit? Sure, but I miss it and wish cigarettes weren’t so bad for me.
  16. I miss clove cigarettes the most. A friend tells me it’s because I’ve always aspired to be Eurotrash.
  17. I’m really proud of my little brother for being such an awesome husband and father.
  18. I’m not sarcastic ALL the time.
  19. I decorate with objects that I love, which range from an old Royal typewriter to tea tins.
  20. The first concert I ever attended was Bon Jovi.
  21. I’ve seen Metallica in concert six times.
  22. I exhibited multiple signs of OCD when I was a kid. I remember wishing somebody would notice so that they could figure out what was wrong with me AND hoping that nobody would notice that there was something wrong with me.
  23. I think that my remaining obsessive-compulsive tendencies make me a better copy editor, writer and coder.
  24. I took Spanish in high school and French in college. When I try to speak either language I end up with a mishmash of both. Sacre gato!
  25. I’m pursuing my master’s degree in English mostly because I really enjoy the classes.

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In every relationship, there are schisms, disagreements over past events that will never be resolved. These can run from the minor to the catastrophic, from aggravating to infuriating.

Also, apparently, there are events that are not your fault at all, but you end up being held accountable for them anyway.

My little brother got married on the same night that AC/DC played at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. In fairness, the wedding was scheduled months before the concert was scheduled.

My husband did not get to go to the concert. To add insult to injury, we stayed at the casino nearest the coliseum, and had to see the fans leaving the next morning, resplendent in their black concert T-shirts and hangovers.

In retrospect, I should have dropped him off at the coliseum on the way to the reception.

For several years, any time AC/DC has come on the radio, any time Rolling Stone runs an article on AC/DC, any time the topic of concerts comes up, Bill reminds me of the hole in his concert roster. I remind him that it’s not my fault, and silently remind myself to be quicker about changing the radio station or hiding the Rolling Stone next time.

So I’m happy to announce that AC/DC is on tour yet again, and we have snagged tickets to the Nashville show. I can finally stop censoring magazines and radio broadcasts.

Thank you, AC/DC, for touring again. And thank you, Rob, for staying married so I don’t have to hear about what a waste of time it was to go to that wedding instead of AC/DC.

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