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I was going to write about my weariness over owning three sets of plates (everyday set I bought in college, pottery from my wedding registry and my grandmother’s china), but then the husband turned on “Extreme Couponing” and I’m simply appalled by the vast amounts of food and household goods that these people are stockpiling in their homes.

How many bottles of mustard could one family possibly need? And, seriously, shelves of crackers and cereal in the bedroom? Not very relaxing.

I understand trying to save money, but I don’t get stockpiling way more items than you can possibly use. Which brings me back to plates. My goal is to one day move into a smaller place more suitable for two people. Owning three sets of plates is not suitable for two people. Really, owning three sets of plates is not suitable for most families with more than two people.

What to do? If I get the chance to downsize, at least one set of plates is going down. Maybe two. I don’t want to be tied down by things. And I certainly won’t be tied down by a bedroom filled with mustard.

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