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What’s within two hours of Huntsville and is so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures except for this one shot, complete with a thumb in the viewfinder?

Arrington Vineyards, just south of Nashville. The husband and I met a group of friends there on a recent Friday, and great fun ensued.

After a complimentary wine tasting, during which we each got to choose six wines to sample, we gathered on the patio for a picnic lunch, wine and brilliant conversation. Gloomy Bear, pictured above, even got in on the action.

I understand that the place is ridiculously crowded on weekends, so it’s probably worth your time to take a weekday off for the journey. Definitely bring a picnic, a mascot and a group of hilarious friends, and appoint one of them as designated driver.

And whatever you do, have some blueberry wine. It’ll make any day taste like spring.

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