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(Editor’s note: I realize a lot of people are reading this to actually find the plural of podium, and not discuss presidential debates. So, it’s either “podiums” or “podia.” I’d go with “podiums,” because the other choice, frankly, sounds like hypercorrection.)

Politics and preferences aside, last night’s presidential debate set-up was certain to make one or both of the candidates appear gawky and/or ill at ease. While waiting for Obama to finish his answers, McCain either leaned back stiffly on his stool or wondered around the stage. Obama, through a combination of unbeatable posture and body-language coaching, sat on his stool like it was an ergonomic office chair, and looked perfectly relaxed and polished while listening to McCain.

The staging was a disservice to the candidates and the TV audience. It’s one thing to see how a candidate is reacting to what his opponent is saying. It’s simply ridiculous to have to watch a candidate try to lean comfortably on his ridiculously-sized stool or pace around the stage, probably looking more nervous than he has to.

Americans may discover that we like our candidates the same way we like our college professors and preachers: behind a podium.

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