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I always wanted a rock tumbler when I was a kid. I eyed the same one every year when the JCPenney catalog arrived, picturing myself polishing rock after shiny rock.

I was a bit obsessive, even as a child. Our driveway would have simply gleamed with polished rocks.

I saw a tumbler on the shelf at Michael’s today. It hit me that now that I have enough money to buy myself a rock tumbler, I don’t have any rocks.

So goes adulthood.

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People who buy iced tea by the gallon in plastic cartons: You are paying a company to steep tea bags in hot water and burn gasoline to drive flavored water to the grocery store. You could make way better iced tea yourself for much less money.

This is ranking right up there with buying premixed Gatorade and presliced apples on the You Have Got to be Kidding Me scale.

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