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This New York Times story on the non-standard sizing of women’s clothes pretty much outlines why I hate shopping for clothes.

I have literally four different sizes of clothing in my closet. I can try on two pairs of pants, in the same brand, make and size but in two different colors, and one pair will be ridiculously large or small. I rarely order clothes online because I dread the trip to UPS or the post office to return the items that don’t fit.

I can reliably buy the same size jeans every time at Gap. Everywhere else is a circus of ill-fitting clothes, and it’s almost like taking on a second job sorting through them all to find something that fits.


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The browser tab title of “Organize This!” — a New York Times story — is “Barbara Reich Organizes the Homes of New York’s Elite.” Clearly, this does not apply to me, but some of Reich’s philosophies apply to us all.

Her mantra is, “Stress is clutter, and clutter is stress.” We live in a time of stuff, and it’s simply stifling.

I know I have less stuff than a lot of people, but every time I clear another storage box out of the closet, I feel even lighter.

Clear space equals a clear mind.

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