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Allergies knocked me out cold last week, inflaming the apparently permanent and usually innocuous nodules on my left eye to the point that I couldn’t even open it without shooting pains and copious watering.

Yeah, it was an awesome drive home from work.

After a long nap and a trip to the eye doctor, I settled in with my steroid drops for a couple of days of not injuring myself further. Meaning almost no computer time and little print reading. Meaning naps. Meaning Arrested Development on Netflix. Meaning surreptitious push-ups when the husband wasn’t looking, because I’m doing the Warrior Dash in October and a girl’s gotta train, eye patch or no eye patch.

And about that eye patch … I don’t look nearly as awesome with an eye patch as I thought I would, although I have to hope that one-eyed push-ups gave me some pirate street (ocean?) cred.

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