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When they were younger, Yin and Yang used to curl up and sleep together almost every day. They’ve spent the past few years carving up territory and sleeping in separate rooms, however.

This photo was taken┬árecently during a particularly busy weekend of what we’ve come to call “It’s on.” A fight in the morning, a fight in the afternoon, and maybe a bonus fight at 10 p.m. I guess when they fight that much, they’re just too exhausted to find separate sleeping quarters.

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Harmony Park Safari in South Huntsville: If you live here and you’ve never been, GO. It’s a riot.

More pics TC.

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To take a walk around Lady Ann Lake, I often have to make my way past the Guardian Ducks of the North Side.

The scary, scary Guardian Ducks of the North Side who are not content to eat bread tossed on the ground, but have to take it directly from your hand.

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I took my new Chuck Taylor All Stars out for a test drive last night. Good news: They still make my feet look 1.5 times bigger than they really are, and they totally remind me of seventh grade, when I was on the junior high basketball team.

I was tall and I could shoot, but I just wasn’t that good at basketball. The fast pace of the game frustrated me – I’m a planner. Plus, it was hard to be a cool outcast when you’re with the incast.

Turns out you can also wear your Chucks while you’re hanging out with the drama club and smoking under the bleachers, where nobody notices that your feet seem a lot bigger than they should be.

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Yang owns many things.

Yang has tired of "Nip/Tuck" Season 2. Truly, it has exhausted us all.

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Looks like real Dementor weather

Mother Nature can be such a drama queen.

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plain old okra

Okra slices, shot in natural light with the iPhone.

okra according to the iPhone

Okra slices, shot in natural light with a random filter applied by the iPhone app ToyCamera.

OMG, iPhone. After downloading the ToyCamera app, I worry I may never want to pick up my regular digital camera again.

What’s the matter with the digital camera companies that they can’t make regular photography this much fun, with so little effort on the user’s part? Does Apple have to do EVERYTHING?

This is a sampling of the okra from last week’s CSA delivery, BTW. It got dropped into a simmering pot of onions, zucchini and tomatoes. Six more weeks of CSA deliveries, and my no-fry rule is getting more and more difficult to enforce.

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