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Yang, simply exhausted from all the sniffing.

My first CSA delivery of the summer yielded quite a spread, including cucumbers, jalapenos, onions, leeks, basil, squash, greens, strawberries, English peas and Roma beans.

As I unloaded the goods, I recalled how Yin used to closely inspect every CSA haul — it was nearly impossible to set up a picture of vegetables without a cat in the frame.

Yin, very serious about his vegetable inspection duties.

Not 30 seconds later, Yang strolled over and resumed Yin’s inspection and photobombing duties. He spent nearly five minutes sniffing every square inch of plant material, nipped at the Chinese cabbage and finally plopped down right on top of the Yukina savoy.

He was in every photograph, just like his brother.

Cats. They know comedy.

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Yang deftly took ownership of my green jacket in December after I left it on the bed after boot camp early one morning. It’s an actual cat place now, as in “Yang’s been on green jacket since lunch.” (And it’s not even the green jacket. It’s simply green jacket, like Atlanta or Birmingham.)

He likes green jacket to be spread out on the foot of our bed, and he often demands that we escort him there from various parts of the house. He does not object to the laundering of green jacket, although I have to move quickly to get it back in place in a timely manner.

It’s good to be the cat at Casa Shaggerty.

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The secondary flowers from large bouquets usually last longer than the main flowers. When broken down into sub-bouquets, they stand on their own as quirky little arrangements.

Yang agrees.

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There will be no setting up a cute stuffed animal/real animal shot with Yang, a light sleeper who dislikes such hijinks.

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Yang’s ear not only straightened out when the stitches were removed, it split apart into a tough-guy notch.

A friend noted his resemblance to Azrael from The Smurfs.


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Happy birthday to Yang

On Yin and Yang’s first birthday, we made them little paper hats. Yang, at left, did not appreciate the sentiment.

Tomorrow, he turns 15 years old.

No hats. But there will definitely be a celebration.

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Nearly everything I did today went wrong. The item I needed at the library was MIA. My iPhone refuses to charge. I couldn’t get my old laptop to connect to UAH’s ridiculously complicated wireless network.

One thing went incredibly right, however. Yang’s biopsy results came back, and the spot we had removed from the back of his neck wasn’t cancerous. His blood tests indicate that he’s extremely healthy for a cat his age.

Now if we can get his left ear to straighten out (it had a spot that got removed, too). Stitches come out tomorrow … fingers crossed.

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Yang heads to the vet tomorrow to have a small growth removed from the back of his neck. He’ll be 15 years old in about two weeks, so I would like to just leave it alone, but he keeps scratching it open. Eventually, it’s going to get infected.

He’s a terrible rider, so the worst part about the whole day is likely to be the drive to the vet’s office, not counting the hour or so we’ll be in the house with him in the morning without being able to feed him. He’s quite crotchety, you know, even when he’s not hungry.

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Another week, another lost cat in my neighborhood. Seriously, if your cat has gotten shut in other people’s garages several times, or has a tendency to jump into vehicles, don’t you think you should keep him inside instead of letting him run around loose? Especially given our neighborhood’s tendency to attract the occasional coyote?

Inside cats rock. They live longer, healthier lives.

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The “Do One Thing” series chronicles my yearlong effort to tackle one project every day to organize my life and home.

Day 70: Vacuumed the living room furniture. Even though I’ve discovered that Yin, who died back in September, was responsible for approximately 75 percent of the cat hair in the house despite his smaller stature, Yang’s still doing a great job of dusting the house with light gray fur.

Saturday, Day 71: I finalized my ScanCafe order online. Thus ends to saga of the latest box of photos cleared out of the closet for digitization.

Day 72: Sometimes, minor household emergencies lead unexpected organizational advances. I noticed a weird dark stain on the bottom of one of the pantry shelves; upon further investigation, I found that a can of Pam cooking spray had let loose and dribbled for no telling how long, leaving an oblong puddle on the shelf.

I cleared everything off of the shelf, sopped up the puddle and sprinkled baking soda all over the stain to try to soak up some of the spray. After I vacuumed up the baking soda a few hours later and started putting things back, I rediscovered a dirty little secret of closet and cabinet organization: Once you’ve completely cleared out a space, it’s hard to fill it back up. I tossed a couple of bottles of miscellaneous spice blends that I had been gifted with a couple of years ago, along with some bouillon cubes that had expired in 2007 (although, you might ask yourself, can bouillon cubes ever really expire?) and a few other items.

It’s pretty fulfilling, overall, to know exactly what’s on a pantry shelf.

Day 73: Repeated Day 72’s pantry clean-out protocol with another pantry shelf. This take-no-prisoners organizational strategy is totally working for me.

Day 74: Started prepping for the mother-in-law’s upcoming visit by purchasing duvet clips for the new duvet and duvet cover I found for the guest room last week.

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