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I finally found the highest use for Biscoff Spread, often called “Europe’s alternative to peanut butter” (I thought that was Nutella).

Biscoff Spread, which consists of Biscoff cookies smashed up with oil and a few other ingredients, is enjoyed on everything from apple slices to crackers to, well, spoons. I had been reading about it for a while, but when my sister-in-law sent a jar my way earlier this year, I found myself ill-prepared to experiment with it. I spread it on a couple of Ritz crackers and a few slices of banana, but I was underwhelmed — cinnamon-filled and smooth, it was tasty, but it didn’t “wow” me.

This past Saturday, however, after spending two hours making cat food (Haggerty weekends are OFF THE HOOK, y’all), I found myself looking for a snack. The most ridiculous thought crossed my mind: What if I put some of that cookie spread on a chocolate sandwich cookie? (And yes, I totally mean Oreos, only what I had was Publix-brand chocolate sandwich cookies, which are pretty much just as good and every few months you can get them for a penny on Wednesday with a $10 purchase and a coupon from the Huntsville Times.)

And just like that, I knew that I not only had come up with a ridiculous snack pairing, but that I was also totally going to try it.

Sorry. The most delicious pairing for Biscoff Spread is not a delicate, low-calorie rice cake, or a good-for-you chunk of fruit, or even a low-fat cracker. No. The item onto which you should spread this high-fat, high-sugar concoction? A cookie.

That’s right: Put some cookie spread on a cookie. Double the cookie-ness of your snack. Risk tearing a cookie-shaped hole in the snack-time continuum.

Just try it.

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Here it is: my version of the Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie that’s been mentioned on dozens of food blogs over the past few weeks.

I’m glad I got that out of my system.

They were delicious just out of the oven, but they seem to be getting crunchier with every hour that passes. I prefer my cookies softer.

I used mini Oreos instead of the full-sized cookies, since blog after blog warned me that these cookies were ridiculously oversized. Since I don’t own a cookie scoop of any size, I weighed small balls of cookie dough on my digital kitchen scale. Two .5-ounce dough balls covered each cookie.

My verdict: They’re fun, but overrated. I’m taking them to a party tomorrow night, so we’ll see if I change their rating based on the reaction of other diners.

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I’m don’t use a lot of shortcut recipes that call for prepackaged foods, such as crescent rolls or spaghetti sauce. While I appreciate the time-saving convenience that these products offer, I also like the adventure of making my own pastry crust and lasagna sauce.

I’m about to make an exception for the Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookie Sandwich. These cookies, which are pretty much Oreos wrapped in chocolate chip cookie dough and then baked, are huge and ridiculous, and I simply must make a batch.

Sure, I could find a recipe for homemade Oreos, but I think I should set some limits for myself.

Pics and an update to come as soon as I find a suitable event that will give me the opportunity to share these beastly treats.

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