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Fall brings open windows and interesting scents.

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I wish the weeping willow wasn’t notorious for invading sewer pipes. I would love for my back yard to be covered with this gorgeous canopy.

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When Photojojo suggested this awesome photo project yesterday, I knew I had to try it. What’s more awesome than a cat dreamscape? Yang even looks an awful lot like the cat in the photos. And he sleeps, like, ALL THE TIME.

I chose the cat-gets-carried-away-by-balloons DIY backdrop. I dutifully printed out a few balloons from a coloring pages site and went to work with my colored pencils. I carefully cut out the balloons and taped a piece of string to the back of each one.

I quietly approached Yang, who was sleeping next to the dresser, on which I planned to stand to get the extreme vertical angle needed for this shot. I spread out the balloons in what I thought might be a float-away formation and gently tucked the ends of the strings under a paw.

Things immediately went awry. Never underestimate the instinct or muscle memory of a 14-year-old cat.

Yang woke up with a start, stood up and pounced on the middle of the strings, biting and batting the whole way.

I had no choice but to play chase-the-string with him for the next 10 minutes.

The balloons and their strings are now safely ensconced in an office drawer.

I face a creative dilemma: scuba-diving cat or cat holding an umbrella and being swept away in a rainstorm? I wonder which is less swat-worthy.

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The construction guys next door were making plenty of noise this week, and Yang’s inquiring mind wanted to know what was going on. Note that in his quest to see down into the yard, he has pressed his head against the glass so hard that his ears are flattened.

I live with the reincarnation of Gladys Kravitz.

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Only one New Year’s resolution here: I’m stealing an idea from Real Simple magazine to “Do One Thing” every day to organize my life and home and make my environment nicer and prettier. This seems like a much easier way to tackle the mountain of “to do” projects that seem to accumulate daily. (And I must note that I don’t know if Real Simple says to “do one thing” or “do just one thing.” I can’t find any of the pertinent emails. You get the spirit of the resolution, however.)

It’s all about the baby steps. So, today’s Do One Thing is not to organize my photo collection. Instead, I will prepare a box of old picture albums for shipment to ScanCafe to be digitized, a task I’ve been putting off for months despite the fact that I bought myself a half-price gift certificate for this project last year.

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I had purchased the TiltShift Generator app last year after seeing some inspiring photographs on SevenDead, but I never seemed to find the right subject for its miniaturizing effects.

Finally, I saw this scene while crossing a bridge in Atlanta last week and had to stop. The app did just what I expected it to, making the scene look like an elaborate toy train set. Then I had a Mexican Coke. In Atlanta. Where they make regular Coke. But that’s another story for another post.

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Inspired by fellow blogger SevenDead, I’ve been playing around with TiltShift Maker, an online application that manipulates images to look like model photos.

Inspired by actually being able to remember my iTunes password, I have added CatPaint to my iPhone’s photo arsenal. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

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