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I completely forgot to complain about my seamstress experience in Friday’s post on my second-floor wall hanging.

Several weeks ago, I took the hanging to a local seamstress to see if she had any recommendations for the hanging process. I was thinking I should get the fraying sides hemmed and have the top sewn into a loop that I could slide a dowel through.

I’ve always been terrible at sewing projects, despite having a mother with mad sewing skills. I was willing to pay good money for help.

The seamstress for hire? Not helpful at all. And not very nicely unhelpful, either. She was so unpleasant that I determined there would be NO professional seamstresses involved in this project, even if I had to drag the hanging to Biloxi and get my mom to sew it for me.

At some point, however, the Internet reminded me that clip-on curtain hangers existed, and I determined that the hanging’s frayed edges would be safe in their relatively static position on the wall. No sewing, no dowels.

The lesson: Unpleasant customer service isn’t always going to work out for business, large or small, especially when alternatives are everywhere.

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I FINALLY hemmed the IKEA curtains that I’ve owned for nearly five years. I had to, because they were puddling on the spice cabinet that I inherited earlier this summer when my grandmother died. And not puddling in an HGTV kind of way, but more in a slovenly truTV kind of way.

By hemmed, of course, I mean that I ironed on the strip of fusion tape that came with the curtains. I bought red curtains at IKEA. You think I’m going to sew?

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