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I completely forgot to complain about my seamstress experience in Friday’s post on my second-floor wall hanging.

Several weeks ago, I took the hanging to a local seamstress to see if she had any recommendations for the hanging process. I was thinking I should get the fraying sides hemmed and have the top sewn into a loop that I could slide a dowel through.

I’ve always been terrible at sewing projects, despite having a mother with mad sewing skills. I was willing to pay good money for help.

The seamstress for hire? Not helpful at all. And not very nicely unhelpful, either. She was so unpleasant that I determined there would be NO professional seamstresses involved in this project, even if I had to drag the hanging to Biloxi and get my mom to sew it for me.

At some point, however, the Internet reminded me that clip-on curtain hangers existed, and I determined that the hanging’s frayed edges would be safe in their relatively static position on the wall. No sewing, no dowels.

The lesson: Unpleasant customer service isn’t always going to work out for business, large or small, especially when alternatives are everywhere.

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The “Do One Thing” series chronicles my yearlong effort to tackle one project every day to organize my life and home.

Day 62: I think we all saw this coming. I decided that, indeed, I hated the vase/glass pebble look I put together recently. The brown pebbles seemed to be the biggest part of the problem, so I ditched them (hopefully, some lucky shopper at the New Leash on Life Market Place has more love for brown than I do) and replaced most of them with some clear pebbles that were hanging out in the garage. It’s still not one of My Favorite Things, but it’s definitely making me happier.


Day 56: Planned to move a small shelving unit to a more effective place in the garage. Got hit in the head with an errant surfboard. Yes, a surfboard.

Day 57: Got the husband to help me pick a spot for the wall hanging, since he’s the one who brought it home as part of a package deal when he bought a Volkswagen bus. We didn’t get to hang it, however, since the neighbor’s dog barked from literally 7 a.m. until we fled the house at around 2 to seek peace and quiet in the movie theater.

Day 58: Hung the toilet paper roller AND the towel holder in the downstairs bathroom. Epic.

Day 59: Tossed a pile of recipes that I had cut out from newspapers and magazines. It seems like all people who like to cook have one of these piles of recipes that they go through a couple of times a year, yet never manage to pull anything out and actually make it. Not anymore. They’re in the recycling guy’s hands now.

Day 60: Swept out the garage, or at least the parts I could get to with a broom.

Day 61: Nada. I did schoolwork and worried about my mom and her sick dog.

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