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My favorite part of blogging? Not the groupies (please tell me there are groupies) or the riotous after-parties (again, please let there be after-parties).

It’s the site stats. Definitely the site stats.

The myriad ways that people find this blog are simply fascinating and, sometimes, completely random.

The most popular search terms aren’t the ones that interest me, although it is flattering to know that I’m one of the top 3 Google results for “little debbie banana pudding rolls.”

The more rarely used search terms tell more interesting stories.

For example, over the past two years, six people have arrived at this blog using the search term “two headed angel.” The related post describes a craft project gone wrong due to wine and impatience, but seriously, WHO is typing in this search term and what are they looking for?

My absolute favorites, however are the weirder, more mysterious search terms:

  • llama sunset (pretty sure it leads here)
  • pete \”wet dawg\” gordon (I have NO idea)
  • Revenge of the king cake babies (probably leads here)
  • 2 other uses for star crunch pies (totally did not address this topic)
  • fun weird things to do on a first date (I know a few, but haven’t written about them)
  • model of land tortoise house (I’ll build you one for a price)
  • uah nerdy (you have no idea)
  • two-headed (likely)
  • how to stop 25 things (you can’t)
  • used mattress alabama (not recommended)
  • he was adequate for her (so far)
  • dogs texas “avoiding snakes” (not likely)
  • sherbet cigarettes (I’m in)
  • wide cats (overrated)
  • is it too late to by butterfly bandages for my laceration on my arm? (yes)
  • cow child (guilty)

Until the groupies show up and take me to the after-party, this is as good as it gets.

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