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We don’t eat a lot of cake in the Haggerty household. It’s just the two of us, and we don’t particularly eat a lot of anything, especially sweets. Which is too bad, because I love to bake and can be quite good at it.

So when I DO decide that a cake is forthcoming, it needs to be out of this world.

This cake, alas, was not that memorable.

I found myself with zucchini remaining in the fridge last week, despite the fact that the CSA ended a few weeks ago. (I actually found more zucchini in the fridge yesterday. I fear it has become sentient and is reproducing at will.) I decided to end the season with a bang after I found a recipe for Zucchini Cake With Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting at Seriouseats.com. The recipe promised me a “triple-threat of complementary flavors,” including zucchini, chocolate and cream cheese.

It was … OK. The cake itself was kind of dry, and the chocolate frosting couldn’t make up for it no matter how rich it was. I would have been better off making plain old zucchini bread and wrapping it for the freezer while I made a more fabulous cake.

The cream cheese frosting is pretty delicious by itself, however. After I took the photo above I scraped it off, ate it and threw the cake away. Baker’s prerogative.

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I know, I know. Cupcakes have to be reaching their peak on the trendiness scale. They’re served at weddings and corporate retreats. Hipsters line up outside Magnolia Bakery at midnight to get their buttercream fix.

Fine. Just give me a moment to enjoy the newly opened Gigi’s Cupcakes in Huntsville, Alabama.

I don’t remember eating too many cupcakes growing up. The ones I do remember were nothing special, just cake on a smaller scale. Today’s cupcake offerings, however, are as fancy as any pricey wedding cake ever was.

I brought home¬†two cupcakes from Gigi’s:¬†Lemon Dream Supreme and Strawberry Short Cake. They both packed a light flavor that didn’t give the first hint of artificial flavoring, and they were topped with what was, frankly, way too much icing for most people. I love too much icing, however, especially that penultimate bite, when I realize that I’ve consumed more sugar in one dessert than I usually eat in two weeks.

Oh, the buzz. And the hangover.

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