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I saw Food, Inc. at the Huntsville Botanical Garden on Saturday, and I’m still trying to process it.

It showed in vivid detail the conditions that chickens, cows and pigs live and die in, conditions that so many of us are already aware of but choose to ignore. It also revealed that our entire food supply is increasingly under the control of just a handful of companies, and our government’s food safety system is horribly broken.

All in all, it revealed that even a carefully considered family meal plan with fresh, seemingly wholesome ingredients may not be enough.

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I’ve been secretly living alone for the past 2.5 weeks. Secretly in deference to my mother and husband, who didn’t think the world should know that I was alone in the house at night.

The husband spent nearly three weeks in New Jersey on business. I spent nearly three weeks being really bad at being single, eating turkey bacon and wheat toast every night for dinner and strewing project papers all over the living room.

In what should have been an ill-advised move, I also watched a couple of horror movies by myself: “The Ring” and “Pet Sematary.” Either I’ve become so jaded that movies don’t scare me anymore, or I just picked the wrong movies (a certainty in the second case).

At any rate, Bill’s back, the living room has been cleared of lit articles and the toaster has been stowed under the cabinet. The pre-Halloween airing of every horror movie ever made is finally over, so no more temptation there.

In short, we’re back the the DINK lifestyle that we’ve come to know and love. I didn’t realize I’d miss it so much.

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